this is where i post the loremist of ipsums while i work on this fuckin website. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. it was mostly the worst of times lets be real. i have not coded seriously since i was in highschool but i have coded like a downright fuckin clown since then and that's what i'm all about, baby. the more text i put here, the more i'll be able to tell if the frame background is fixed and whether the scrollbar works. i used to have coding that custom colored the scrollbar but it's 2023 and i think that might not work anymore, since scrolling is such bullshit now. i use chrome and as far as browsers go, they have a dogshit scrollbar. i know i know "switch to firefox" well guess what i already DO use firefox. my fuckin adhd needs two separate browsers to be logged in to different websites and different accounts all the time and if you saw how i used a computer you'd shit your whole ass off.

man i really have to say a lot here, huh. this is just the garbage i'm going to delete when i have a working page so you better enjoy it while it lasts. if this doesn't make sense to you, congratulations, nothing i do after this will, either. you know that part in the christmas carol (the beginning) where chuckie d is like "jacob marley was dead to begin with and if you don't understand that none of this is gonna blow your dick clean off so remember that motherfucker is dead as shit" and then you see the ghosts later and you're like "oh that's why i had to know he was dead. he's a ghost. got it." because if he wasn't dead 1) he wouldn't be a ghost and 2) he'd just be some guy you know talking to you. but also okay if some guy i knew was alive and became my doorknob and then magically appeared in my house telling me i was going to get haunted i would still be pretty fucked up about it. this is not typical living man behavior.

so while we are on the subject of dead guys who blow my dick clean off, everyone say hi to robin gibb. i figured this was a good layout for my first personal page since i was a wee babby child. you see, i love him, and so there he is. look at him. over there, with his freaky lil hand all fingery and shit. he is perfect and dead and i kiss him every night. note his elegant and beautiful fingernails. you ever see somebody and be like "damn baby your nail beds" because that's very much my experience with him. you know he is just chock full of fun little details and features and traits and i love each and every one of them much to the chagrin of the general public.

eventually when i get the other pages established i'll show y'all some of my art and some of my most fabulous selfies to prove that not only am i very talented but also sexy and have a great rack but until then i have no content to show you except for this drawing of an egg: